How to go back to friends after dating

Will you still feel the warm glow of friendship after the first time you see your ex dating someone new? Things like that may seem small at the time, but they can lead to confusion and heartache. People may question your decision to remain friends with your ex, and their concerns may have some validity.

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Still, this is a personal decision. Telling those concerned that you can still be friends with your ex is one thing, demonstrating it will be better. Being friends after a breakup is a little different than going out with the girls or chatting with other acquaintances. Start with the occasional phone call or email. Once that becomes comfortable, move into face-to-face meetings once in a while for coffee. Sometimes trying to be friends is really just a mask for not being able to let go.

Is it possible to go from dating to friends and back to dating again? - Quora

Be willing to put the work into the friendship, but also be realistic and know you both have some obstacles to overcome. If it really is just sad or frustrating to be around your ex, it may be time to say goodbye for real. The takeaway from all of this is that for some people, it can be possible to be friends after ending a relationship.

Sometimes things turn out differently that we thought, but sometimes we get lucky and it ends up being even better than the old way. In fact, many exes who now have strong friendships with each other, will even tell you that breaking up was the best thing to happen to them because they are much happier as friends than they were as lovers.

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  7. If the sexual chemistry is off, get out of it. All couples have times when their eyes wander, especially once the initial heart eyes fade. But if you wish your work wife was your actual wife but like, for real , your current relationship might not be satisfying you properly anymore.

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    But hey, possible bright side: Because you both worked so hard to transition into a couple, it can be hard to admit defeat. Just gotta suck it up and do it. But hang around for the times they need your stellar advice and help when you can give it.