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I think M is overboard unless you are making a sick, sick amount or are old and about to die and need to spend spend spend…. Some of them are really hot too. No girl is worth your health. No money is worth your health either. Address that problem in He should smile and be happy to see you if you befriended him. Turned heads even at clubs in major cities. I won the genetic lottery… Seriously. Talk about going from an awkward 18 year old entering college to having bartenders hit on you. Having success with girls in the past with little-median income , you realize that cute girls will always be around, but your ability to chase money effectively will not.

Not to mention a sub 30 year old aggressively chasing cash puts off an attractive vibe anyway…. As you get older, especially if you get your body in order as WS Playboys is advising you, the women will come.

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Today I am successful, handsome note: I am white and Northern European, so I do not have the Asian handicap , and have a great personality. Women are easy to find. Keep working on your business. That is the most important thing. I am jealous, in a positive way, of your early success as a man.

Also the WS Playboys writers, I know you say motivational stuff is for losers, but your stuff motivated me when I got out of jail. I went from zero to hero in part because of you guys. I am now about to take over a successful manufacturing business in the Midwest. Keep up the great work! You fixed your life and would have found a way based on your personality.

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It is all post tax. Again, being too hard on yourself at your age. You already made the right life decisions. Cake walk from here. I get laid a standard deviation or two more than the average. Either everyone knows your name or no one does. Multiply that by 3.

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As clearly noted in the post. However, we must always be cautious about believing things merely because we like the sound of it confirmation bias as opposed to because they are true. It is mathematically true by definition!!! Simple math proves this out. This is basic math you should be able to figure out as a 14 year old in statistics class. There is no ceiling on income. Therefore… Positive skewed distribution. Add a billionaire to any room and the average income just got skewed positively.

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  • That case you should leave. It is literally impossible to have a standard bell curve when it comes to income. This is high school stats. Yes, I understand the income part, of course. Perhaps I should have been more specific. I am taking about an overall average that is not skewed by income or other things without a real upper bound. I mean ability, drive, intelligence, etc. A billionaire is not one million times more anything smarter, more driven, better looking, etc.

    Not even worth discussing. Everything in life that matters is a positively skewed distribution by definition. Long-story short your intuition is already correct. If you get bored or drunk one day you can find the numbers to prove it out. All four of those can be easily measured and are positively skewed. I just turned 30 and find it easier to get girls but my spending habits have not changed much.

    How does this fit into the post? Not much to contradict the topic of the post. I think our scales are off. Just take a look at the crowd next time you are out and about. Would you be willing to hook up with the majority of people? A 6 is where non-inebriated people tend to draw the line for hooking up. A 7 is an enthusiastic thumbs up. A 5, not so much! A completely unrelated question- how many women do you think would be into the Frank Zane look especially on a shorter guy? Stick with that look.

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    The golden ratios listed here are good starting points. As I see it regardless of where someone is, the three to first focus on: Although being known in circles like that could be something to aspire to. Clearly buenos aires would be harder than a place like Brasil but you know that already and should understand the dynamics before choosing your destination. New to the game, why is Buenos Aires harder than Brasil?

    Referencing your Latinas article, is it because of the higher emphasis on social class? A than in Brasil? Finally, money helps everywhere.

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    How does that fit into this paradigm? I think there is a sweat ethic, hard work factor in here too. I only spent like k a month which is about 2X the median. There are so many other X factors involved. Or if you have a strong social circle connection to her, like being in the same class in college for a semester and spending every day with her until she feels super comfortable.