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His brothers paddle with all their might, and being intent with their effort, did not notice the island rising behind them. Suddenly there appears a beautiful woman whose beauty none can resist; and so the brothers look behind them to watch the beautiful water-goddess. The line parts, Hina disappears, and the effort to unite the chain of islands into one solid unit fails. His mother Hina complains that her kapa bark cloth is unable to dry because the days are so short. In another version, Hina sends him to a big wiliwili tree where he finds his old blind grandmother setting out bananas and steals them one by one until she recognises him and agrees to help him.

He sits by the trunk of the tree to rope the sun Beckwith Ai mai ka ia o ka ulua makele, — He mele no Kualii , c. Manai-i-ka-lani 'Made fast to the heavens' — its name; An earth-twisted cord ties the hook. Engulfed from the lofty Kauiki. Its bait the red billed Alae, The bird made sacred to Hina.

It sinks far down to Hawaii, Struggling and painfully dying. Caught is the land under the water, Floated up, up to the surface, But Hina hid a wing of the bird And broke the land under the water. Below, was the bait snatched away And eaten at once—by the fishes, The Ulua of the deep muddy places. The great fish-hook of Maui, Manaiakalani, The whole earth was the fish-line bound by the knot, Kauiki bound to the mainland and towering high.

The alae of Hina was the bait of the fish-hook let down to Hawaii.


Tangled with the bait into a bitter death, Lifting up the very base of the island; Drawing it up to the surface of the sea. Hidden by Hina were the wings of the alae. But broken was the table of Laka. And the hook carried far down to Kea. The fish seized the bait—the fat large ulua.

The sky was too low and people were not able to stand upright.

The Legend of New Zealand

Thus, they saved mankind. He then traveled to the different islands and realised that they were all inhabitable. Around the Kalama Park area. Lots of bars and fun places to meet young people. Hippy, new agers, surfer and windsurfing mecca. Maui is not known for its party atmoshphere, unless you are going to be there for the "big" Halloween party in Lahaina. Honolulu really is the nightclub party scene place to go. If you are looking for real fun and interesting girls, you might try some of the snorkeling trips and the beach scene and who knows maybe some cute single girls will read this and get in touch I am sure there are a few single people visiting Maui but it will mostly be couples and families.

It is so funny when people say there is no party scene on Maui. I guess they never watched any of the MTV shows filmed here!

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Beside those who actually live here, there are plenty more young people who come here every year to party and surf. Most of them come for a few months or a year, and wait tables or work in other visitor related industry by day and party by night. Yes, there is the resort and condo Maui for families and honeymooners, but there is also a surf and party Maui. MsFuzz pointed you in the right direction. Since you are staying at Lahaina Shores you will be walking distance to nightlife on Front Street. And I am sure you'll find plenty of girls.

You should be able to hook up with a variety of females local and nonlocal in Lahaina.

We don't have the strip clubs or the hookers like Honolulu has but still good. Pick up a copy of Maui Time and check out their entertainment section. It posts whos playing where at what clubs on what side of the island. Another place for try is Kalama Village.

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Get like 5 or more bars in one general area of Kihei with plenny girls. They're listed in Maui Times too. Some nights my hubby and I go Lahaina to party, other times my girls and I go Kihei. As far as staying in an area with other 30yr old single guys Maui is such a mix. All kine cultures, ages, genders, switch-hitters, you name it. There are plenty of single women and fewer "pros" on Maui - you just have to know where to look.

Oahu is ugly - you couldn't pay me to hang out there.

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And the girls were probably too young for you. OF course I can't stand the disco scene so that probably has something to do with it. If you are looking for local talent, try the public beaches at Kihei , or farther south the big beach past Wailea. At night you would hit the local nightspots in Kihei try sansei sushi late night weekends or one of the local bars there. If you are looking for the tourist hookup try the pool bars at the hotels in the afternoons.

Sales conventions are a good bet, as are non-family hotel pools. I saw plenty of women tourists out walking at night in Whalers Village and along the waterfront path. Not to mention Lahaina , which has plenty of tourist bars.

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To avoid the kids, stay away from the overpriced luau ripoffs, also some of the hotels that cater to kids and families. Definitely not Hana , that place is dead for everyone. Remember that some hotels, i. This is the Original Poster aka Jimmywithit Thanks to everyone for the responses. I wish I would have read them all, especially the last one, prior to going to Maui.

Even though we had a great time surfing and so forth, there were absolutely no women to be found Monday night go to the Hard Rock on Front Street.


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Wednesday you can head up to Makawao to Casanova's. Thursday you can go to the Oyster Bar on Front Street. Friday, check out the Triangle district in Kihei.